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The Overview

As a local business without any digital marketing initiatives, ChildEats relied on word-of-mouth referrals, stunting its growth for years. After a business strategy call with Flor164, it was clear the client needed a modern, fun, attractive, user-friendly, and Google-optimized website that sells 24/7.


It started with a branding guidebook that made the brand look consistent throughout multiple platforms. The web content plan was based on the future local SEO goals, using an automated sales funnel, lead magnet, and current client base. After a little over three months of SEO, the client positioned #1 on Google search and grew steadily every month.

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what has been done

- Modern Branding
- Custom Members Area
- Automated Email Sequence

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Mobile & google Optimized

1. Website Design for Every Device
2. SEO-Optimized Content
3. Keyword Optimization
4. High Speed & Performance