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what makes you a leader?

Do you have a crystal-clear vision about:
→ Who your ideal customers are?
→ How to add value for customers?
→ What their target capabilities are?
→ Why should customers buy from you and pay a premium price?

Suppose you do not have direct answers backed by data and knowledge to these core salon business questions. In that case, you are exhibiting symptoms of blind salon business driving under the social influence, which is very common nowadays!

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brand strategy

Starting Price: $7-20k

Would you self-operate on your knee because of torn ACL symptoms you read on Doc Google last night? Brand Strategy is no different. It requires a team of professionals to get to know your business, perform several tests, develop a strategic plan of actions based on future goals, and discuss a set of tools that would help along the way. There's no "magic peel," but a business strategy is as close as it gets when it comes to maximizing your business ROIs.

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salon Booking system

Starting Price: $500+

If someone would take away your logo and company's name from your website, would customers still buy from you? Brand identity is what makes your business not only one-of-kind but also attracts the right customer like a magnet.

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Google/facebooks ads

Starting Price: $2500/month

"How much does it cost to acquire a customer?" – is one of the first questions Mr. Wonderful asks every business. Increasing the volume of warm and hot leads to your website would decrease customer acquisition and make your business more profitable. The Paid Traffic is like an Uber in a Tesla that auto delivers potential customers 365/24/7. But it needs lots of directions and positive reinforcement.

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Website Design + Development

Starting Price: 15K+

Digital era expects every local business to have a client-centric, functional, and fast website. Competitors set the high bar of standards. Google changes its rules more often than new constructions on i-290. Building a money-making website in 2021 is more complex than climbing Everest. Lots of hard work and lonely nights before reaching new heights.

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Starting Price: from $750+/month

If you are the one and only Santa Claus in the North Pole, local SEO is optional. Unless you're planning on closing your local business, not having an SEO strategy is like eating soup with a fork.

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Frequently asked questions

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I just want a website. Can you build a website without a business strategy??

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