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Kristina Rozdovan


The Overview

As a nationwide educational center in New York, the client wanted to expand and grow by establishing a modern, educational, sexy, and easy-to-understand online brand.

Kristina Rozdovan Beauty combines:
- Educational Center created by World Class Nail Art Champion
- #1 US Store with Nail Supplies - Nail Market USA
- Personal Branding

marketing goals

1. Position Kristina Rozdovan’s Beauty as the #1 Nail Art Expert in the USA
2. Create Nail Supply’s Store and Increase Sales
3. Promote Educational Center and Create Easy Student Sign-Up Process

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What has been done

- Website Design for Every Device
- Website Development
- E-Commerce
- SEO Content
- Scheduling system
- Google Optimization
- Business Consultations

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The main challenge was to create website automation that's modern, innovative, informative, highly-optimized, and combines the following features:
- An educational center for students
- Ability to discover, book, pay or apply for financial aid
- Online supply store
- Encourages nail industry professionals

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educational center - achievements

After a thorough client strategy call, Flor164 created a web-building plan with all future business plans in mind. As a result, the client continues to grow, crushing its business projections.

Main achievements:
- Created an easy and explanatory classes structure with examples, reviews, and curriculum
- Set up a smart scheduling system that allows students to book classes on the go
- Built Educational Center to oversee their ongoing calendar accordingly
- Integrated payment system to accept deposits, reserve seats, and apply for financial aid
- Automated booking system with reminders and efficient communication from both sides
- Implemented financing options

nail market usa- what was done

As a nationwide e-commerce website, Nail Market USA started with a business strategy and branding guidelines to maximize sales and user experience. After a little over 12 weeks, was successfully launched after only one revision. Flor164 trained their staff on managing, operating, and troubleshooting the new online store platform. Month after month, the new website outperforms its competitors and exceeds every sales projection.

As a result:
- Beautiful Modern Layout
- Inventory Help
- Shipping Options and Rates Optimization
- Various Payment Methods Set-Up
- Taxes and Legal Documents